Your business thrives with dedicated business communication

Does your store team rely on hand signals, texting, or shouting across the shop to work together? VoCoVo Link was designed by retail experts to help small teams collaborate effortlessly and hands-free.

When store teams don’t have a professional way to communicate with each other, they waste a lot of their day:

  • waiting for replies to their messages
  • working out what a hand gesture means?!
  • and being distracted by personal notifications

This can quickly add up to lost productivity and missed potential sales, with your team spending energy on basic teamwork rather than completing tasks and serving customers.

By switching to dedicated in-store communications, you can help your team work together more productively, keep happy customers coming back and help your business thrive.

How does VoCoVo Link make the difference?

Designed by retail communications experts for convenience and independent retailers, VoCoVo Link brings instant, hands-free communication to your whole team.

  • Quick to set up (takes 10 minutes)
  • Accessible and affordable for small stores
  • Easy to use and distraction-free (unlike phones)
  • Robust hardware that’s built to last
  • Comes with all the support you need

Your team can rely on their VoCoVo Headsets in every situation. Dealing with deliveries on a rainy day or working in chiller areas? No problem. Our Headsets have been tested to endure moisture, extreme temperatures, accidental drops, and more, so everyone is always connected.