Customers love fast, efficient service from connected teams

Whether you chat with a customer every day or you’re just a stop on their journey, your store team plays a vital role in your community. But making sure each customer gets that personal service can be tough, especially at your busiest times.

What if your team could give every customer better service by turning time-draining tasks into quick conversations?

With VoCoVo Link, team members never need to leave customers waiting while they check stock or ask colleagues for help. They press Push-to-Talk on their Headset to get instant answers instead.

Your customers will love:

  • Attentive service from associates who are friendly and focused.
  • Helpful answers no matter who they ask (because teams can share knowledge instantly!)
  • Approachable teams who aren’t distracted by their cell phones.

Unlike texting, tannoys, or crackly two-way radios, communicating with VoCoVo Link is always instant, discreet, and crystal-clear. So your team can help each other deliver the best service and give your customers another reason to visit again tomorrow.