Team members feel safe and happy with instant peer support

When teams are connected in one crystal-clear, group voice conversation, no one feels vulnerable when working alone.

When you’re open long hours and run a small team, everyone needs to feel confident at work, including:

  • working alone,
  • covering different tasks,
  • and dealing with different types of customers.

But this can often put assocaites in situations where they feel uncomfortable or anxious.

What’s the difference with VoCoVo Link?

VoCoVo Link gives everyone an instant and reliable connection to their team. Need support? Touch the Push-to-Talk button on your Headset and start talking. Or switch on Talk-Lock to talk completely hands-free.

>> This lifeline is with them in all areas of the store: in the stock room, on the forecourt, on the sales floor, or even outdoors.

>> For teams that feel safer and are more productive. As well as feeling safer, associates no longer have to waste time walking to the stock room, waiting for a reply to a text or running inside to find help. They just talk.

And the benefits don’t stop with your team. When your people feel supported, your customers get the best of them too.

Already connecting
retail team members globally